Toddler Girl Clothes

This collection gives toddler girls a great choice of outfits. Your toddler is just beginning to walk and her world is full of new things. These toddler years are a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development and their clothes need to be easy to wear. We have dresses, tops, rompers, bloomers, pantaloons and jackets all designed to mix and match. We also have trousers and shorts to match the tops for your toddler girl. There are fabulous fabrics to choose from and it's all 100% cotton and ethically made. Toddler girls need clothes that don't get in the way of all that toddling. Our Bumble & Ava bloomers and pantaloons are particularly useful as a great, simple outfit. Team these with the Mia jacket and your toddler is ready for a trip anywhere.

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