How is Bumble & Ava Sustainable?

Bumble & Ava was founded nearly 3 years ago. Over the years and our many collections we have always focused on our Fair Trade ethical production in Kenya and taking positive action towards our sustainability both socially and environmentally.

Ways we are focusing on our sustainability as a brand and why:

By designing this latest stylish collection to be ‘season-less' we hope that the clothes will be able to be worn all year round, layered with boots and jumpers or worn with summer sandals, giving them longer life.

We have small production runs mostly using fabric that has already been produced and imported into Kenya. We only ship to UK twice a year to minimise the cargo costs and environmental impact. There is no fabric wastage as any off-cuts are made into quilts for children in Nairobi.

The Nairobi based World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) factory we use supports its workers with pensions, financial advice and education.

Our new line of baby body suits are made with CmiA (Cotton made in Africa) which is grown and harvested sustainably. CmiA initiative equips farmers with skills to increase their yields and living conditions and teaching them about environmentally friendly cultivation methods making their production more environmentally sustainable and socially sustainable.

All our packaging for postage is recycled paper.

We are always looking at ways to improve our production and sustainability.
Looking ahead to future collections we hope to strengthen our relationship with CmiA and their projects.